Onslaught is not enjoyable

First of all, I like the gameplay of Onslaught more than ranked, but the ranking system is bad.

Onslaught is a pain in the ass to play with random players. I hate that you don’t get points when losing even when I’m almost every loss on top 2. It’s frustrating to rely on your teammates that play like they just started playing this game tomorrow. I know, ranked was toxic because every player wanted to get damage, but at lease you got rewarded for playing good and not just picking free tier X tanks and camping in the back and not helping at all or just dying in the first minute… At lease they removed arties.

PS: I don’t know if this happened to only me, but in the qualification (I was top 3 in 8 battles – 5 wins, 5 losses) it just assigned me the “iron” rank, which nothing changed and made the qualification useless. Why it did not move me at lease to iron B?

How would I improve it:

Remove free tier X tanks Bring back ranking system from ranked (on losing team: 1st will get + points, 2nd keeps points and then 3rd and below will lose points) Make qualification that it puts you into “subranks” (for example: top 3, 8 wins should put you in Iron A)

What do you think about it? Are you frustrated the same as I am?

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