onslaught vs normal mode

might be an unpopular opinion, but onslaught is 100 times better and much more balanced than normal mode.

It is crazy how normal mode brings me to the brink of sanity and makes me alt f4 after 5-6 games.

And in onslaught, i play 3 hour sesions and have the fun of my life.

For me the main point is that normal mode is just the incarnation of RNG or unbalanced shit.

And onslaughter is just less RNG and way more structured. the maps are not overrun with people, you dont have the 4-5 standart “STRV” campers on both sides that just make halfe the map unplayable, you have nice duels for positions that have actual value to the game.

The only problems this mode has is the cap timer, give it 10 more sec it will be fine

And the fact that you need to grind the T-10 to play it. Which you could solve really ez:

I think you should get every T-10 for this mode and have a loaner crew on everyone with 3 perks that you can choose in advance in a seperate garage. (If you have the tank normally, fine use yours with your crew, more than 3 perks are only relevant in higher elos) Also you can choose free equipment for these loaner tanks but it is just plain standart. You still pay for ammo and consumables.

This way, yes you get more noobs into this mode, but it is completly irrelevant because they will just stay in the lower elos like iron and deputant. Therefor nobody cares.

Another point, this mode shows that a 7v7 is just way more enjoyable than a 15v15. I wonder if a 7v7 normal mode would also solve the game.

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