Opinion on WoT “Maneuvers”

Hello, I just wanted to see if everyone else is enjoying or hating the new CW event? (Or perhaps not interested at all?) I will also explain my personal opinion here.

Keep in mind this is regarding “Maneuvers” and any other clan event.

For any that do not know, “Maneuvers” is a 7v7 stronghold battle for reward tanks via personal leaderboard (top 1600 players only) and bonds are given out to every player. Depending on positioning, clans also get gold on they’re participation, and positioning.

My opinion: Personally I believe this format is better, and I will break down as to why.

7v7: only having to create a team of 7 is a whole lot easier then 15… Not to mention, you can find people you click and work well with, rather then 15 you aren’t quite sure of. I just find 7 better imo.

Personal leaderboard/reward tanks: For anyone’s argument, that only the big clans will make the top 1600 or only good players will… Sorry this is a false statement… Currently I’m sitting roughly #225 on the leaderboard with a WoT Personal rating of 4192 x3 Sure I may surround my self with good players, but it is a team game. Just find a team you feel is good, and I can assure you… You will go far. As a no name clan we’ve taken down the tops… X-7, GROOT, RKT, RSRDD GNOME, 4HIM, NEWBI, and many more.

Clan leaderboard: personally this is where big and strong clan bias comes in! Though I am not complaining, if you can manage to run 10+ teams in the event, good for you. But that is what crakd and Groot are doing. So yeah!

Prime time: I actually enjoy just having to select a two hour block! 1. I only have to play for two hours! 2. I know when it is!

I’m excited to hear how you all are doing, and if you enjoy it! Or if you weren’t even interested!

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