Opinion: post-nerf, the better gun choice for the VZ. 55 will be the cyclic gun, or at the very least the choice WG intended to give us will exist

So I had a thought to check out the cyclic gun on the VZ. given the autoloader will be quite weaker. I compared the stats and also played a couple of games on the live server, so the test server bullshitery doesn’t influence my decision.

Here are the stats:

All base stats, from tanks.gg Autoloader Cyclic DPM 2221 2737 Aim time 2.88 2.21 Accuracy 0.36 0.34 Moving dispersion 0.16 0.16 Rotating dispersion 0.16 0.16 Turret dispersion 0.08 0.08

Now, this isn’t the reinvention of the wheel, however it is clear that the cyclig offers reasonably better gun handling given the quite shorter aim time and quite better accuracy, also DPM.

On the live server I’ve been using Bond Vents and Stabs, and regular IAU. On my autolodaer VZ. I was using Experimental aiming lvl3, that was changed to IAU in a Firepower slot. I have the usual gun dispersion stats, however I have an accuracy of 0.27, which combined with better aim time results in a much better and comfortable gun handling.

The lack of ability to mount a Gun Rammer is an issue, however it isn’t huge. The VZ. with a cyclic gun has the exact same base DPM as a WZ 5A. The main differences between the two are that the WZ 5A can use a Gun Rammer, resulting in 3300+ DPM, however it has significantly worse gun handling overall. (WZ 5A also has better gold ammo, but that’s not what we’re discussing here)

With my setup a VZ. with a cyclic gun has better DPM than a 277 with a standard Rammer in a Firepower slot. That is manageable for random battles. Obviously the VZ’s closest competitors can out-DPM situationally the VZ (on paper), however it has very good and comfortable gun handling mainly because of the significantly better accuracy and good aim time.

So for me, I think I will keep using the cyclic for a bit to see if it’s useful in the long run, but so far I really like the increase in gun handling and DPM. What do you think?

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