Opinion/thoughts on the new BZ75 after 20 games.

The gun is pretty workable, it feels worse than the 60tp and the e100, but better than the 705a, only problem I’ve had with it is when at range on the wide open maps.

Frontally the armor is pretty meh, mostly thanks to the 3 weakspots on front, but I’m okay with that as we don’t need more broken OP hulldown gods. Something odd I have noticed is the rear of the turret seems to be trolly and bounce shots. In one game I bounced a full clip from a AMBT firing gold off the turrets rear, another game I had a enemy bz75 bounce 2 shots off the rear of my turret as well, maybe that was all just luck but it seems to have happened most games I played in it.

The speed even with turbo feels really slow except when using the rocket boosts of course. These are my session stats after 20 games in it today. overall I would say its a okay-good tank, but its nothing special and feels very much like a nothing burger. I do applaud WG for not making the tank stupid op, and also not making it awful. But now it gets the test of time to see if it can stay decent. I probably wont play it to often after I get all the field mods on it (im about half done) but we shall see.


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