Opinions about russian meds and a couple other lines (for fun and money)?

Hello. I’m back to World of Tanks after I think years of abscence, altrough I started around 8 years ago. Anyway, a lot has changed since I last played, new tanks and lines are here and so I wonder about what to do now. In a shortcut, I’m asking about russian and polish meds, german meds (leopard line), japanese meds, german heavy TDs and japanese heavies.

First, russian and polish meds, but before that, about my current situation. I have T-34-85 Rudy, still as USSR, with a fairly good crew (99% of 4th perk), I also have T-34-85 and 14TP in my garage. I should also say that personally I enjoy fighting from the 2nd row, sniping others BUT with the ability to become a frontline if my team dies, so I’d love if I had some hp and perhaps if my turret bounces something. For now, let’s focus on the lines itself. Obviously getting to tier 10 will take a shit ton of time, so it would be nice if I enjoyed myself before that, right? So what can you say about tanks between T-34-85 and tiers 10? I’m looking at them at 0,4 dispersion seems horrendous for what I want them, the turret is also rather flat and not armored, not sufficient if I want it to bounce. Should I even focus on those or just rush through them?

Another thing is, my preference is why overall I’m a bit afraid of object 430U, 0,38 dispersion is… uh. But at the same, it has more HP and armor than object 140 with mobility being acceptable in both cases, just enough to reposition if needed (at l felt like that’s the case with Rudy that’s around the same speed). So, what’s better and/or more fun?

Just out of curiosity, last time I played there was also T-62A I think, it was also usable during some rocket league-like gamemode, I wonder what happend to it.

And the second part, polish tanks. I could also move Rudy to the polish tree and have this solid crew for them, but I’m looking at it and I’m not sure whether they are even better than russians. Dispersion is similar, damage and pen are similar, hp and armor are similar, speed is similar… the only difference would be tanks in tiers 6-9 and the turbo mode. Btw, how usable is it in reality? And once more, are tanks in polish line memorable in a good way?

Now, the next part, german meds. I also have panzer 58 Mutz (and becouse it has 4 crewmates, I don’t consider going for E 50 M, as these tanks have 5), altrough I’m only 84% into the first perk, so I considered leopard line. The gun in all three (indien panzer, leopard PT A and Leopard 1, 6th and 7th tiers of this line aren’t memorable imo) seems great, solid damage and pen, depression, dispersion, aiming time, are are lovable. But, ther are all a piece of paper, altrough I guess it pays off with mobility. What are your opinions though?

Next, japanese meds. I’ve played for a couple of games and I don’t think I saw ANYONE use them. I’m looking at them and they are all rather mediocre, no armor, slightly worse mobility than the other lines, solid, but not the greatest gun. Are they just bad (at least compared to other choices) or am I missing something?

Damn, Jg. Pz. E 100, I think it was the first tank I wanted to get. At the moment I could buy Ferdinand and still have Jagdpanther. But after realizing people will just load gold, I dropped this line, armor was useless, mobility was underwhelming. Is there a reason to continue that line anymore?

Same can be said about japanese heavies. I got O-Ni in my garage, but after trying him twice I realized that people penetrate me anyway, I’m a permanent target for arty and my mobility is just unreliable as hell, I can’t reposition in time so everyone with half a brain will see me coming minutes before. I also heard something about High Explosive ammo changes, so it’s not good enough, altrough there is that 2nd, normal gun to use too. The only redeeming quality I found is that I can take more shots before dying than meds, but I don’t think that’s enough in return for how much I sacrifice. Am I missing something or not?

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