Overhaul of ranked mode

Just like the title says, maybe it’s time to change how ranked works, as it stands it’s pure torture people do not play the mode for the challenge they endure the torture to get the premium tanks, the arty queue times is another proof of that people prefer to wait minutes on the queue than play it with actually good tanks, im pretty sure no one wants to play arty in ranked because it’s so much fun.

And let’s not mention the EBR situation, but other than outright ban or nerf them from ranked i don’t really see a solution for it.

In several games in ranked I’ve put in chat “ranked is torture” instead of the normal insults that ingame chat normally is know for, in all of them several of the players just agree and say the same, it’s scary when the ingame chat other than not insult you actually agrees and supports something you say lol.

Have fun on the battlefield ( meaning stay away from ranked πŸ˜‰)

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