Overwhelming fire – Opinion

They all have the same gun, except the Pruth, because he reloads in half the time. Everyone else does 1k-2k dmg and then has 15-20 seconds reload, plus a lot of health. Even the EBR has something like 2.5k health, which makes him pretty tanky for some reason.

The Flakmaus and the E100 are…useless? The turret of the maus can be penetrated by everything which makes it completely dumb and the E100 deals not nearly enough dmg to offset the atrocious speed. But at least a little bit of armor.

The Maus should have twice the magazine and better turret and the E100 like a third of the reload time to be an actual threat.

Does anyone else feel the same? Am I missing something obvious? So far it seems, that the Pruth is the best choice, because of the reload time.

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