P.43 bis is painful, what am I doing wrong?

Hey Guys, I’ve recently returned after a bit of a break (many years really. I used to be an alright player, I am not anymore) and thought I’d have fun going up the Italian heavy and medium lines. I’ve got to the P.43 bis at tier 6 and it’s fully upgraded. I’m using Coated optics, rammer, and gun laying drive.

My problem? The tank is SO sluggish. To the point where I have repeatedly checked to make sure I have the top engine and tracks installed (I do). I’ve read some reviews etc and people say it’s mobile, but I’m getting 31-34km/h on most ground (obvs a bit better on roads/hard ground, a bit worse on softer ground. Bugger hills).

Am I missing something, or is that just how the tank is and I need to learn to play better?

I’m still very much at the stage of re-learning the game that involves trying things and dying as a result (can I get to that spot – what if I get into this situation – etc).

I wanted to grind out both the tier 7 tanks from this one, but I might just grind out the medium and call it a day because it’s a struggle.

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