Panther, grind advice needed

(PAN) Pain and (THER)thuferring.

It has very little impact to the game and anytime you want to make pressure you die.

Characteristics wise, it has: – Sluggish speed – Big hit box with plastic armor (added just to slow the thing down) – Low alpha gun – Low camo

Its theoretical dpm is a lie, in order to use it both you and the target has to be consistently exposed, which never happens.

So it really leaves one option, sit very far back and snipe.

In high tier games,

you are irrelevant, you sit back and bounce all day, once you comeout ppl farm you, becuz everyone know you have a punny gun.

Typical result: wait wait wait, find target, over exposes becuz not satisfied with 130 dmg, dies

In tier 7 games, you can’t trade efficiently in brawl against same tier, so your best option is still snipe, while watching enemy t-20 and t34-2 slaughtering your ranks.

Typical results: A. tries to play top dog brawl, gets shredded becuz no one fears your gun.

B. Sites back to support at mid distances, still has be exposed to td fire, while their t7 med kills your t6 and t5 upfront.

Is there any advice on how I can make this tank work?

Im a new player with 1.3k games (51%w/r), currently playing vk3002D, t-34-2, t-34/100, panther, tiger i, vz44-1, bz 58 and amx 13 75. I’m pretty comfortable with my results with all the tier 7 except panther.

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