Patriot – Bonds

A while ago I bought the Patriot for real money as my first tier 8 premium just for making credits.

I know it is now a bond tank and has been for some time. Can I get some information on what happens if I sell the Patriot, will it sell for in game silver credits (not worth it) or if I wait until the trade in comes into effect is it possible to trade it in for half the premium in game gold coin cost (slightly more worth it) and then I could use the gold coins as discount to buy another premium tank and then rebuy the Patriot for bonds.

I have 8900 bonds atm. It may even be better to keep as is and use bonds for a different tank if bond shop rotates or just buy bond equipment when I get 10k bonds for the discount bond equipment package ie vents rammer.

Appreciate any info as I have never traded in as I think it’s a bit silly losing half the cost, only considering this now as I have The Patriot and SU-130PM as 2 T8 premiums and I have enough bonds to rebuy The Patriot I believe and looking at other posts, except the t-34-3, not many other tanks are worth considering using bonds on unless you have 0 premium tanks.

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