Please demonstrate a tactic to me (replays): paper tanks supporting heavies in the second line

I have read a lot of times people talking about this: in a light (or paper medium) you hide behind your heavies, and when all the enemy guns are reloading, you peak and shoot.

Now. It sounds easy and straightforward. Due to most maps being corridors you not often have a chance to flank, so it should be something you can do to help your team.

In my experience this never works. (For me. Hence the cry for help.) There will be always enemy guns ready -when 2-3-4 enemy heavies are facing you, one of them will most likely be loaded than not.

The second issue is that tanks move out of cover, shoot, move back/sidescrape. So you need to catch them in that split second when they already shot and not yet back in cover. Not to mention it presents a problem with hull-down tanks, which are never in the open.

So my experience so far is to risk instant anhelation (one or more heavy guns facing you) for a meagre amount of potential damage.

Just to make sure: I am not saying this tactics does not work. I am saying I cannot make it work, so I am asking those who know how to do it to upload a few replays. For educational purposes.

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