Please rework Frontline

Don’t get me wrong, I like having a change of scenery from randoms, and I have loved playing it since it first launched. But over the years I feel like it needs a couple of changes.

First, and couple of new maps would be great. Even a single new map would be fine for me. FL is in dire need of new maps. Maybe a desert one or partly urban one, I dunno, just something new!

Second, rework the game mode itself. Change it into a tug-of-war style game in which both teams can both attack and defend. The winner is determined by how much zones they had capped in the end or they had managed to destroy all of the enemy’s turrets.

Personally, playing a defender is a slog. Sure, you get progress points if you defend a zone, but when you get destroyed, the zone becomes pretty much indefensible as the respawn points are placed too far, by the time you arrive, it is already capped. And oh, players hate it when you defend it too well since “they can’t farm”. Time to dispose of the attacker/defender mechanic and replace it with something in which both teams can attack AND defend.

Finally, the bugs. Not really game-breaking, but they can be painful when they happen. I don’t want to button mash on the keyboard and hope that my ammo/consumable buttons come back, or play my tank while the respawn UI is on the screen.

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