Please teach me how to play stock Leopard PT A

Hi all,

Do you have any piece of advice, video tutorial or even magic ritual to help me play Leopard PT A with stock everything ?

I’m trying to grind for the second gun (which is a game changer from what I’ve read so far), I’m barely at halfway and I swear playing this tank makes me want to rips my eyeballs off with a spoon. Its speed and camo are average and its gun doesn’t even deserve to be called that since the handling, reload time and alpha are all somewhere between “meh” and “absolute trash” for a tier IX. Did I mention its armor ? No, because it has none.

I’m playing vent/rammer/stabilizer, loading gold when against tier X, regular otherwise. My top damage is 2500 but I mostly do between 0 and 800 in my usual game. I’m feeling useless, helpless and really desperate by my performances in this tank overall. Even when playing vs lower tiers, I get bullied by other mediums : Arnie, AMBT, Bourrasque, Kpz 07 etc…

Edit : my WR is around 32% for 25 games, average damage is 800.

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