Please tell me about the AMX M4 54

As per the title, I wish to know more about this semi-unicorn of a tank.

I’ve seen it only a few times in randoms (EU player here), in fact I’ve probably seen that turd that is the AMX 65t more (thankfully I’m done grinding it, it was so bad lol), and I’m wondering why it is so rare.

Is it a truly bad tank and no one wants to play it? Or is it a case of a tank that is not bad, but players are discouraged from grinding it because it’s walled off by a very bad tank (the 65t), kind of like the Object 263 when it was Tier 10 and no one wanted to play the SU-100M1 and SU-101?

In my ignorance as an average player I would like to give it a try as it seems simple enough to play and sort of reminds me of a different M6A2E1 – point your front at the red tanks, exercise caution when moving because you’re huge and your side-rear is cheese, and push them until they back off or they die (or you die to gold spam).

Also, since this tank has two gun options (and, unlike the IS-4, both are viable), which is better? The 120mm or the 130mm?

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