Pointless Venting

I’m still big mad over a battle I had yesterday where I had my best shot at ace tanker in a new tank (I don’t get them often. I’m very mediocre) and I got wrecked by a newish player with a 43% win rate on his own way to getting top gun for his team. Dude went off to set his account record for damage and it just so happened to be in the game that I thought was going to be mine.

I was in an HT-VI and already had 2k direct damage on my own spotting and 1k assistance, but the death dropped me down to 1st class. It was a particularly good game for me because I took the forward position in the gully on Sand River, destroyed the only enemy tank there between me and base and then got to spot and pick off their base campers for several minutes from low ground where none of them had the gun depression to shoot back. It was cheap and fun until that bastard T-43 hustled back to go super saiyan at the end.

After the battle, I sent him a congrats on his well-played battle and told him I’d be holding an irrational grudge against him for a while.

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