Possible implication for the Japanese TD line in the 1.19.1 patch notes…

According to the patch notes from the latest update, the premium tier VIII Japanese tank destroyer has been renamed from the “Type 5 Ho-To” to the “Type 5 Ka-Ri.” This is an interesting change to make, as the Type 5 Ho-To was a real prototype vehicle, albeit one that was designated as an SPG.

WG has a history of using incorrect names for a lot of tanks, even on real designs. Changing the name on what is undoubtedly a fake tank destroyer signals to me that the actual Ho-To might make an appearance in the line, just as a TD instead of an SPG. This would not be the first time that a tank has been added under an incorrect class, after all.

Given the technical specifications of the Ho-To, I can see it being introduced at either tier IV or V – good news for those of us who want a full line of TDs, rather than just a mini-branch.

What do you think?

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