Possible returning player how are things?

It’s been quite a few years ever since I deleted my original account after becoming addicted to the game and growing a toxic attitude toward the player base due to my idiotic and arrogant college years. I have since mellowed out thanks to my group of friends and don’t really go off my rocker at the drop of a hat as much. However after all these years and discovering new YT channels talking about tanks like ConeofArc I’ve been looking toward WoT with a faint glimmer of hope. I’ve been out of the game so long I don’t know what’s what and due to my work life balance haven’ been able to watch many of my daily streamers like Circon and Jingles.

So my question is: how are things over here? I’m sure gold rounds and OP premiums are still a thing but in general has WG stepped up their customer service and quality control? Are playing in lower tiers still a nightmare as is in higher tiers? Will I be able to play comfortably in my tanks without being forced to buy premium to sustain my costs between shells, consumables, etc? I say buying premium because I will most likely not be able to make the most of the premium time as days I’m off work I spend sleeping for 12 hrs or more sore and beat to hell plus most other days I can’t find the motivation to play any other games I have.

What say you all of the WG community? Is it worth coming back all these years or is WoT a dying cause?

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