Potato finishes Battle Pass and still has life, my stats inside


I have just completed battle pass. I could have done it earlier, but I discovered wows few weeks ago and started playing that. I actually like it more.

Ehm, here are my stats for battle pass if anyone might find it useful for anything really:

My wn8: 1450, I play for 8 years and going

Total days: 63

Total games: 1178

Average games per day: 18.6

Total random games: 1058

Total Steel Hunter games: 120

Total points: 7500

Total points from dailies: 1967 (32 for all days but two: one day I didn’t play – forgot about it, and one day I didn’t finish the 17 point daily mission – the 4 wins one)

Total points from Steel Hunter: 1275 in 3 seasons

Total points from random battles (not including dailies points): 4258

Average points from random battles: 4.024

only tank I maxed points on is TS-5 (counted those points as normal random points)

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