predict next guest 2024 holiday ops

Relevance of guests who have appeared so far

2021 chuck norris (The Expendables 2)

2022 arnold schwarzenegger(The Expendables 1~2)

2023 milla jovovich(They said they would participate in The Expendables 3, but it was canceled due to Resident Evil 6. And born to kiev)

2024 ???

Listed like this, it seems related. (People who participated or were mentioned in The Expendables series)

Let’s List potential cast members

Sylvester Stallone (Tank ride on RAMBO III)

Jason Statham (?)

Dolph Lundgren(He left a message congratulating the 10th anniversary on his Facebook.)

Terry Crews(?)

Mel Gibson(?)

Harrison Ford(Tank chase scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

To summarize, I think Harrison Ford is the most likely. He announced his retirement after the release of the final film in the Indiana Jones series. And He is also a person that many people know.


If it weren’t for Dolph Lundgren’s health problems due to his battle with cancer, I think that possibility exists as well.

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