Predicting Top of Tree Salt

I’m a college student going into my senior fall. With applications and everything the monthS of October and November (until thanksgiving) are brutal for me. Little WoT will be played. That’s 1.5 top of the tree periods. Recently the past few ToTs have been tanks I didn’t care about or ones where I was already up the tech tree super far and was able to squeeze out (Obj. 140).

THEREFORE, knowing how the universe (and probability) works, I know that the tanks for October and November will likely fall into the category of tanks I want but am not super far in the tech tree for (tier 7 or lower). My prediction will be that October (the worst month) will have 2 of these tanks, November will have at least 1, and December will have none (my winter break). I’m making this post as a point of reference, and to prevent me from lying for clout, im adding a list of all the tanks that fall in this special category for me and will therefore piss me the hell off if (when) they are top of the tree. I’m excluding the ones that have already been featured this year. They are:

WZ-111 5A 60TP CS-63 Grille 15 (really just want the tier 9 lol) E100 Obj 277 IS-7 STB-II

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