Premium Vipera vs Tech Tree SMV CC-67

I can’t believe it but comparing the two the tech tree tier 8 looks a lot better and more fun to play. It has a smaller clip 3 instead of 5 giving it a shorter reload of around 20 seconds making it more flexible than the Vipera with 30 seconds. It has straight up better gun handling. It’s faster 35 kmh vs 30kmh and 16 vs 12 kmh reverse. Faster tank and turret traverse. Only thing the Vipera is better at is armor although mainly on the hull, the turrets are comparable. I might even say the CC-67 has the better turret. View range and camo are the same. I don’t know what’s going on but we’re finally returning to the days where premiums were worse than the tech tree counterparts. GOOD JOB WG!!!

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