Progetto 46 vs Standard B

As a Spaghetto enjoyer who doesn’t have Italian tier IX medium yet, I compared the stats of those tanks to see if there’s something to look forward to. It’s not that obvious when looking at stats:

Standard B has higher DPM, alpha and pen, but worse gun handling and much longer reload times (lower burst potential).

Standard B has more HP, but actually a slightly worse armor and larger size (?).

Standard B has considerably better mobility and camo.

Of course it’s important to remember that Standard B is one tier higher than Progetto 46, thus more likely to play against stronger enemies.

Those of you who got to play both of those tanks – what are your impressions? Is it like with Skoda T56 which is arguably better than its tech tree tier IX? Or is Standard B an actually better than Spaghetto?

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