Proposal for implementing a “Folder-type” system to categorize tanks in the garage

Am I the only one that finds a bit limiting having only a primary/non primary distinction for your tanks?

After years of playing I’ve racked up 165 tanks (I know it’s not a huge number, but it’s still high enough to make things overwhelming when you don’t have a particular tank in mind and you’re just browsing), a lot of which are now obsolete, so the “primary” tanks are simply the ones that (I think) are worth using. That’s still more than 90 tanks, and I would LOVE to be able to divide them into groups according to type of gameplay, performance of the tank, and so on…

Here are some folders example and how I would fill them:

“Tanks to grind now” [CS-53, UDES 16, Progetto 66, …]: the tech tree tanks on which, at that moment, you want to focus your effort, x3 bonuses, personal reserves, etc…

“OP premiums” [Skoda T.56, Bourrasque, Obj. 703-II, Iron Arnie, Progetto 46…] : for when you want to dominate the games and make some credits

“Tanks to mark” [Progetto 65, Type-59, Skoda T.56, Centurion 7/1, …] : the tanks that you’re trying to get your three (or whatever you like) marks of excellence on

“Top tier beasts” [AMX M4 54, Vz.55, Minotauro, …] : the absolute best of the best

“Sweaty tanks” [Char. Futur 4, Progetto 65, Bisonte C45, …] : good tanks that can yield good results, but need a bit more focus during the games

“No-stress tanks” [BZ-176, ELC Even 90, …] : easy tanks to play with no stress when everything seems to go wrong

I think you get the idea. I believe War Thunder (sorry) already has a similar feature.

Is this something that any of you would like to see added into the game, or am I just incredibly pedantic?

Please, let me know your thoughts, I’d love any kind of input-


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