PSA: Codes for the different Frontlines free rentals w/ picture & TL;DR

With frontlines just releasing for a new season I’m excited to jump in for the first time as a new player! I noticed the combat intelligence has a “personal quiz” so i thought i’d save you all the time and give you the breakdown for all available rental tanks and codes and a TL;DR summary down below (sort of):

T-54 First Prototype [code: IAMT54FP2021] Path: Aggressive –> Speed –> Brawler
Lansen C [code: IAMLANSENC2021] Path: Aggressive –> Speed –> Flanker
Caernarvon Action X [code: IAMCAERNARVON2021] Path: Aggressive –> Armor –> Relentless
VK 75.01 (k) [code: IAMVK75012021] Path: Aggressive –> Armor –> Devastating
LeKpz M 41 90 MM [code: IAMM41902021] Path: Sneaky –> Versatile –> Direct
ELC Even 90 [code: IAMELCEVEN2021] Path: Sneaky –> Versatile –> Tactical
Strv S1 [code: IAMSTRVS12021] Path: Sneaky –> Defensive –> Accurate
Turtle MK. I [code: IAMTURTLE2021] Path: Sneaky –> Defensive –> Tough

As a noob I will pick the Strv S1 for some cheeky snipes! Seems to have worked well for me in the UDES so far. Happy tanking! =)

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