[PSA] Farewell CabMech! Watch today’s WoTNA stream from 6-8 PM CT for Twitch Drops in a rare opportunity to claim a CabMech Commander and Style for yourself. Link to the channel and additional details inside.

I will be streaming today from 6-8PM CT on the Official World of Tanks NA Channel to hang out, chat with the community, and say our personal farewells to our favorite veggie related mechanic.

Twitch Drops will be enabled, make sure to link your Wargaming account to your Twitch account before you join. The Twitch drop for your commander and styles will be claimable in your Twitch Drops Inventory after 60 minutes of watch time total during this stream on the WoTNA Channel.

Drops are only enabled for users in the NA Server Cluster (USC and SA)

Stick around until the end because I will be announcing a small additional reward code for everyone to share with any and all outside of the stream.

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