PSA/FIX for people playing on standard/minimum graphics and experiencing freezes/stutters when enemy tanks get spotted

TL;DR – Read bold words.

Example clips given at the bottom for those who are interested

If you’re playing on standard/minimum graphics, you likely face a weird game freeze when enemy tanks get spotted in game. This, in my experience, is a problem within the game and does NOT depend on what hardware you’re running or what specific settings you’re running as long as you use standard graphics. I have also noticed that people playing on the HD client do not have this stutter. This could be why WG are not aware of this issue.

There are two ways to fix it –

1. Use HD graphics instead, or if you don’t want to then –

2. Use the “Clan logo/emblem remover” mod and then configure it to remove 3D styles. This option is on by default when you install the mod. It is available in the WG Essentials modpack, but it also might be available in the one you personally like to use. I haven’t went through all of them.

EXPLANATION – The game basically fails to immediately render 3D styles on standard graphics for some reason and this causes a weird freeze/stutter when tanks with 3D styles get spotted. With WG introducing so many styles, the issue just seemed to keep getting worse so I was able to narrow the problem down to the styles. Fortunately the fix is relatively simple. I would like to reiterate that this issue goes away if you use the improved graphics/HD client.

Example clips for those unaware – 1. .


Also, a big thanks to haglar. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to find a fix to the issue.

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