[PSA- NA/SA] NA/SA Large Box compensation window expanded. New window from Sale start to Server reset @ 4AM CT Dec 10th. Compensation has already been issued.

Hello, Tankers!

After reading through feedback regarding the correction to the article for Large Boxes, we’ve made the decision to expand the window for compensation to the server reset of the morning following the Article correction.

The window for compensation of the Large Boxes is now the start of the sale until Server Reset at 4 AM Central time (11 UTC) on Dec 10th. Compensation is being processed and should complete by end of the day tomorrow (12/23)

Thank you for your diligence and your vocal response.

NOTE: The anti-duplicator charges can not show numbers above 99. They will still be there, but if you have more than 99, you will not see the third digit.

Edit: Link to Forum post as well – http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F654547-incoming-extended-compensation-window-for-non-duplicate-ornaments-in-large-boxes%2F

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