PSA: Turbo may not be the best mobility equipment.

Are you throwing turbochargers on every tank nowadays? Maybe you should reconsider. Sit down Quickybaby, we’re trying to help people here.

There are currently four types of equipment that will improve mobility: Vents, Grousers, IRM and Turbo. Vents are a crew improvement and for this comparison I’m only interested in speed so disregarding the IRM. This leaves the Grousers and Turbo: you would think that the Turbo, given it’s listed as improving the top speed, would always increase the top speed the most, right? Nope.

Let’s take a look at my two favorite Swedish meatballs below: the Emil II and the UDES 03 in Siege Mode, arguably the best examples here. The Emil is limited by ground resistances, the UDES in Siege Mode is limited by top speed. This leads to the wierd situation where the Emil gets a better top speed (on paper) by fitting Grousers but the UDES gets better top speed by fitting a Turbo.

So what should you? Before you go slap a Turbo on everything, go to and compare setups to see which improves the mobility more. Note that Turbo also improves power to weight ratio (meaning a Turbo setup may be faster going uphill) and that Grousers also improve tank traverse, either of which may be desirable or inconsequential depending on the tank in question. Also note that you could also combine the two (with Vents!) to go even faster, and that’s not even getting into Bond or Bounty equipment.

Emil II on Turbo on the left, Grousers on the right. Note the practically higher top speed for the Grousers setup (and the improved traverse too).

UDES 03 in Siege Mode on Again Turbo on the left, Grousers on the right. Sure, you get a 7% traverse benefit with the Grousers, but is the worth a 45% reduction in top speed?

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