PSA – You can claim ‘Common Rewards’ for the ‘To the Stars!’ missions

  1. Navigate to the To the Stars! website
  2. Click ‘Get All Rewards

You should received the following, I did NOT complete all daily missions but I did complete 10 of them.

Mission complete! Reward:

Crew skins added: Joaquin Ramires, James Lagvik, Fyodor Simonchuk, Aleksey Belkovets

“In Orbit” decal added: (x3)

“Vostok 1 (Mosaic)” decal added: (x3)

“Launch Vehicle” decal added: (x3)

“Yuri Gagarin” decal added: (x3)

“Space Conquerors” decal added: (x3)

Service Record: To the Stars!

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