Psst! E 75 is currently a beast tier IX vehicle and y’all should play it.

So yeah it’s a post battle result post, which I’m not a huge fan of but I just wanted to recommend playing this vehicle somehow. Some you might’ve not realised it yet, but this tank is currently basically OP after those buffs several months ago (same goes for Tiger II as well).

Me and my platoon mate wanted to play some Concept 1B duo today, but last second before this battle I noticed unclaimed x2 on this one and I wanted to have it because I haven’t finished field mods for it yet. Believe me or not, but I wouldn’t be able to do any of this results if I chose Concept 1B here or any different tank for that matter.

I’m gonna attach some replay if you really want to see it, but long story short: I was able to hold an entire flank with this one tank, when my friend in his Concept acted as a support. We were basically fighting a 1vs10 (with one or two other tanks scattered around the map) and we eventually won in last few seconds.

Link is here!

So go buy it and have a lot of fun guys!

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