Public Test #1 for patch 1.14 coming to the RU server tomorrow evening.

According to WoT Epxress, Public Test #1 for patch 1.14 is coming tomorrow evening. It will include:

The Czech heavy tank branch. 5 new tanks will be tested, the 4 tech tree tanks and one T8 premium tank. Apparently the alpha damage of the T8 premium stays the same (460/shot).

12 premium tanks are getting a buff, these are: M48A2 Räumpanzer, M46 Patton KR, T95E2, 59-Patton, T-34-3, IS-6 / IS-6 CHR, KV-5, T34 / T34 B, AMX Chasseur de chars, T-34-3, 112, WZ-111 / WZ-111 Alpine Tiger.

And other stuff:

New Frontline

Ruinberg is getting a rework

The T-34 L-11 (T4 gift tank, anniversary)

Next and final iteration of this year of Battle Pass

Ranked battles for the 2021/2022, whatever this means

Referral program, probably new tanks will be added

Some new 2D and 3D skins.

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