Purple equipment and Tier X

Can I move around purple equipment (reward or w/e it’s called, the one from battle pass) for gold like normal equipment, even if it’s upgraded?

I’ve collected it to put on Tier X and once I got tier X, I beefed it up as much as I could. Only to find out that well… I don’t really find Tier X enjoyable. Is it just me or it’s generally a toxic tier? When I compare my T8 – T9 experience, especially when I play premium tanks I own, I genuenly have fun and games are decent. Tier X on the other hand is full of toxic people, but also players are weird. I thought I was too tomato to perform good after few lost games, but after few more I’ve noticed I’m frequently one of the last ones standing despite fighting on the frontlines. Much more games ended up being 5 – 15 slaughter when one flank fell and me (60TP) and few other HTs got surrounded. I kinda suspect it is less skill issue than matchmaking – the team with better X tanks just dominates. Do you have the same experience or am I just tripping tomato?

Hence the question, because I want to move my purple equipment to my premium tanks and maybe someday try tier X again and let the tank sit there like a trophy.

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