Question about equipement auto-return

I installed this mod (from aslain pack) )which works well with wot+, but I have a question about how it works with bond equipment and I do not have enough bond equipment to test, so I need to ask to understand.

If I have 2 sets of bond ventilation, aim and turbocharger, let’s call them set 1 = V1+A1+T1 and set 2 = V2+A2+T2, and I put set 1 in IS4, then I demount them from IS4 and then put them on IS7 so the mod would remember what equipment should be mounted on both tanks. At this moment, the set 1 items are mounted in IS7 so the only avalaible items in depot would be set2.

Then I put set 2 on vz55 and rino in the same so at the end the set 2 items are in rino.

I select IS4 so the mod will demount set 1 from IS7 and put them on IS4, then I play a match with IS4 and I got destroyed before the battle is ended, I quit to garage then I select IS7, will the mod want to wait for IS4 to setup set 1 for IS7 or it will use set 2 from rino instead?

In summary, I wants to know if the mod can automatically rotate and swap 2 sets of bond equipment between multiple tanks without needing to specify which set should be used on which tank.

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