Question about updating skin mods

Hi yall,

I was wondering how does one update skin mods. I found some old skin mods from 1.5 and I’m having trouble trying to update them into 1.20. I tried searching the internet but I found little to almost zero posts about this. The mod folder gave me chassis_01_AM, guns_AM, hull_01_AM, and turret_01_AM of the Tier VIII Guard.

So far I have tried:

– resizing to match same pixels of base game using

– putting the file in resmods/mods

When I used the modified AM files the garage worked fine but ingame I would crash over and over again.

When I tried using the modified AM files + base files of GMM/ANM, the mod itself wouldn’t load.

Are those files necessary or can I just alter AM? Also what do I need to do to update this mod? If I need to remake the AM files myself, what program/video should I look for to somehow put the old onto the new? Is enough?

I’m very new to updating mods for world of tanks so any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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