Question: Does support replace the skinned versions of tanks with the non-skinned ones?

Hello all,

One of my friends wants to buy the WZ-111 Alpine Tiger from the bond shop. Or the “Patriot” T26E5 Pershing Jumbo. The problem is that he dislikes the ugly camouflages Wargaming has put onto those vehicles. He is asking whether if he buys one and asks Wargaming support to replace it with the exact same, but non- skinned one – whether they offer that service?

So, for example, the WZ-111 Alpine Tiger is 100% exactly the same as the WZ-111. Would they be able to remove the Alpine Tiger and place the original WZ-111 in his account?

In fact, this is even better for WG since it means he has to pay for the camo bonus now. While it is built-in for the Alpine Tiger.

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