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Hello, i’ve recently seen my friends playing World of Tanks and thought that i might just try it and maybe play with them from time to time, but after playing i’d say 50-80 games i realised that i didn’t exactly find my way of playing the game, at first i liked the playstyle of heavy (and i think i still kind of do i suppose) but i think i came out of the bot games too fast (i started playing with one of the friends that i mentioned higher who has a bunch of games played and i stopped playing vs bots) and figured i can just try to create a new account and try out a few different type tanks, i tried to play with artillery tanks (i don’t really remember the proffessional name of this type), TDs and i didn’t exactly love how the games with those types go on. So here’s my question, i wanna give the game a 3rd try and go for a heavy tank first to at least get it to tier8 (that’s what i heard is a good point where i can actually start learning and enjoying the game) what tank should i first get from heavy type, no tree preferention. I’d just like it to be fairly beginner friendly as when i started to play with the british tree (up to the point of Churchill VII i believe) i kinda started to not enjoy the gameplay itself since of the very slow movement of the tanks on the tree, i’ve read that SConq is a really strong meta tank but i can’t force myself to go for it because it’s really unfun, are there any other (and perhaps better) options for a newbie like me to go for ?

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