Question on ranked and matchmaking

I started playing WoT in January. Hence I’m still a noob. Some 4k games.

I got my first tier X about a month ago, now I have the IS7, T100E3, Obj430U and T62A.

I suck pretty much with them all. However when I play random my victory rate is slightly above average (47% to 63%). Mostly, I guess, because I only weight 1/15 on the match. Therefore I can only bring the team down so much.

I tried ranked :o!!!!

I lost 18 out of 20 in the qualification.

After that I win one (scoring enough to get a chevron) and then I lose 5/6. I don’t understand. I mean I would understand ending up last. But how am I always teamed with players even worse than me?

I always end up losing 15-0 to 15-3. I don’t get it. Can someone help me understand. I don’t get the statistics involved.

Thanks and Happy Easter to those who care.

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