Quick & Flexible Tank Lines?

Looking for some recommendations on tanks/tank lines that are quick, flexible and have good burst and/or high DPM. Open to all tank types though I assume these requirements mostly apply to Medium/Lights and maybe some select TD/Heavies.

I have played the AMX 12t, Lorraine 40t & Borrasque. All of these I ended up having a lot of fun with for their flexibility on the battlefield, their ability to react quickly to the battle changing and their ability to be a thorn in the enemy teams side.

They don’t have to be CW meta tanks either as I recently joined a friend on the EU server so my account there is brand new. Mostly just random battles solo with platoons occasionally. My friend has recommended I look at the Czech/Italian mediums and probably the French lights/meds as well.

Are there any that you would recommend picking up first to help me establish the account? I know some tanks have more “carry” capability or have lots of shared research or are just generally solid performers. I don’t have a problem occasionally spending money on specials/tanks as needed.

EDIT: Oh I almost forgot, I do have my Tier 6 token still, and am currently 4.5/6 on the recruit a friend so I’ll have my pick of a tier 6-7 premium soon.

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