Radio Operator full 5th skill

I’ve got a Radio Operator with a full 5th skill and 60% into the 6th skill. I’ve delayed choosing since the options are lame. Until I convert him to a commander (waiting for another sale), what is the least bad choice?

Firefighting (skill)

Call for Vengeance (perk)

Signal Boosting (skill)

Relaying (skill)

This crewman is in the Skorpion. He’s a normie (no 0th skill BIA). Here’s my dark secret: I play too much. I have also got radio operators in the Jagpanzer E100 and the Grille 15, both have 4 plus skills. I could move this crewman into one of the tier 10s if that causes a change in skill choice..

I was thinking to choose Call for Vengeance since it is a perk and he has 100%, then Firefighting. What say you?

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