Random unicums review of the new tier 9 and 10 British wheelies.

The tier 9 was fun. Really good gun, decent enough speed. No armor obviously. My biggest struggle with this tank was the rather low camo and how fat it is. After 53 games I was able to average 3300 DPG, not the highest but not bad either. In my opinion, this is a classic example of the tier 9 is better than the tier 10.

So far I’ve done 20 games in the tier 10. And I have to say I do not like it. The gun is accurate and 430 alpha is nice and all, but the dpm is kind of low. And 318 gold pen just doesn’t cut it because you have to play at range. It does have trolly armor that if you are lucky will bounce shots. It’s speed is good enough. But again, my biggest complaint is how fat the tank is and horrible camo. I have a 7 perk crew full camo crew with exhaust on and I’m being out spotted by anything that isn’t a e100 or another super heavy(my view range is 470). It feels like it’s such a wannabe leopard 1 but just worse in nearly every way. All in all I would say unless you got most other tier 10s, don’t get the concept 5 and stop at the tier 9.

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