Ranked battles (bond shop, divisions)


this is my first ranked battles season I actually want to participate in. I played it a few years ago, but I didn’t care at all back then.

There are couple of things that confuse me and I would appreciate if somebody could help me answer those, since I kind of cannot find answers for those.

So, my main goal is to get the Concept 1B. I want at least one broken vehicle in my garage. For how long does the ranked bond shop stay open? Do I have to buy it right now, or will I have any more opportunities? I reached the second division, but hopefully I will be able to get some discounts, if I manage to get into higher divisions, so I do not want to spend more bonds, than I have to.

Regarding the rank, do I keep it, or do I keep the division, once next season comes? Or do I start all over again?

Will appreciate your help.

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