Ranked meta – BORING!

Just one of the battles, but honestly – most of games are similar: just bunch of STBs and Krans (from 20 tanks in this game 16 were meta picks). There are 51 tier X tanks (I do not count arty here) and like overall in meta there are 6 tanks: Kran, STB, Vz55, Progetto, EBR and S.Conq. These are 6 best tanks for ranked. Rest – situational or just bad for ranked. Lets be real – if you play one of meta tanks and you see E100, Maus, IS4, M48, Jg.pz.e100, E4 or most other unpopular or unpickable tanks in ranked, you just enjoy free damage/kill cause you know that these tanks almost always cant do a thing.
I guess many will downvote me, but in my opinion – this meta is boring with same tanks every game. I hope WG will have the statistics and will somehow adjust meta tanks, so that they would get reasonable nerfs but still be enjoyable and playable and also rest of tanks would be pickable, playable and wont just end up being free meat.


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