Ranked observations from an average player

Currently in Division 1 with 80~ efficiency. Finished div 3 with high hopes at 140+. Should finish the suckfest tonight or tomorrow. Observations in no particular order.

every game has at least 1 tomato (usually playing a heavy or assault TD) who will rush to redline or other useless position, he will sit there until the match is over regardless of results. 2 of these means a really difficult match, 3 or more is a guaranteed loss

one or more players in something hilariously anti meta, ie JPZE, Type 5, 4k5. Regardless of player skill, he will either carry the match or do nothing but get farmed (sometimes overlaps with point 1)

most players will move in a blob, conserve HP wait till a mistake is made. If their team makes the mistake, they initiate a desperate scramble to redline. If the enemy makes a mistake they pounce like jackals

passive play. Winning the game? No worries theres at least one full HP tank hiding behind their spawn. Bonus points if its a big triangle who will either miss or ruin exactly one person’s game. Losing? No worries, the remainder of your team is in full retreat and will often not bother to even shoot the tanks swarming you (assuming they are still in draw) . Three one shots and the enemy kranvagen on clip? better to let him clip and push into you when hes ready.

shooting lit tanks? nah thats for suckers, it gives the spotters XP better to hold my shots until im the only one spotting them (and the game is lost)

generally unsportsmanlike conduct. I’m on reload? Better nudge my teammates so I can farm more. Last enemy tank? better block my teammates shots to maximize my own damage. Teammates making an important early game cross? better stop in front of them/reverse into them/spin them out; if they die early that’s more potential damage to for me! Good hulldown spot? better join the 5 tanks already jostling for position here so the enemy can take map control.

Ranked is just a toxic shithole, and I feel I’m not alone in thinking that the rewards barely justify playing it. Maybe it can be fixed, but I’m at a loss.

Did I miss anything? Got any suggestions on how to make it better? Please share in comments.

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