Rant; Stop whining in battle chat

Hello All, first post here, a ripening tomato

I just wanted to say STOP WHINING IN THE BATTLE CHAT, I mean you enter a battle and you see someone complaining about “another noobs team”, like what kind of a person / personality that spends time in a multiplayer game and keeps complaining about others, you don’t like multiplayer games fine, there’s a shit ton of solo games, go have fun there, if you’re not willing to enjoy the experience then why go down the road from the first place ?!! if you’re getting frustrated by the game then take a break.

and to your wonder, they end up dying in the first minute with zero damage or effect what so ever, big mouth for nothing.

I found the best action is to replay “with you of course it is” and see them rage in chat.

another stupid example is players who want to spread their believes / political opinions in battle chat, like do you really think this is the appropriate place and time, with players who are trying to shoot stuff and have fun ?!! go and become a politician or whatever it is you want in life, your tryouts in a game chat won’t do shit to the real world.

let alone those who complain about WG, don’t like them ? stop being their user, simple as that.

that’s it, have positive view / energy on the stuff you do, if not, then why are you doing it in the first place, have a nice day.

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