Rant time baby

Just want to give a huge shout out to Quickybaby for being a toxic a**hole to me for not doing what he wants me to do in this clip: https://www.twitch.tv/quickybaby/clip/ObliqueArbitraryWatercressVoteNay-8IAXB9pIvkQDZWK-?filter=clips&range=30d&sort=time

For an explanation:

Tl;dr QB pushed and berated me for no reason

I was the Kranvagn in this clip, having just got to this location about 3 seconds before the clip starts I have noticed the FV215b 183 to the left of the hill threatening to shoot anyone who goes up (and whose to say he’s alone there, no way for me to know). Now I don’t know about anyone else but I like having health and being alive so I decide it would be best if I don’t peak up this hill. I know there is an STB on top of the hill but in order for him to shoot at me he has to expose his turret and I’m 60-80% confident that I can hit his cupola (you can even see me hit it in the clip) and we also have a FV4005 on the way to get side shots. Mr QB however decided to go up to try and fight him (unsurprisingly it didn’t end well for him), next thing I know he starts hiding behind me and ramming me trying to get me to go up the hill. Thankfully the Kranvagn can’t really be pushed by a Progetto 65, at this point I’m thinking “Great, another toxic teammate trying the push me” nothing unusual so I ignore him (I don’t know its QB at this point). Next thing you know STB over extends I shoot him once in the hull and he is finished off by our 4005 (like i predicted) game goes on as usual me and QB die to TVP, whatever no biggie can’t have an amazing game every game, we still win though.
Fast forward a couple days, I’m watching a WoT clip video on youtube and I see the clip and my jaw drops, not only was it a toxic teammate but it was one who streams to 4000+ viewers, I go to the stream that it was clipped from and his chat wanted the check my stats. Now I like to think I’m a decent player but I have never been more relieved that I was using annonymizer so they couldn’t.
Just want to say that QB is setting a really good example of how NOT to act when you’re a popular streamer.

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