[RANT] Why crying about losing a number of games in a row is pointless.

Okay guys, listen up.

There are way, way, waaaay too many posts of people posting screenshots of how unlucky they were and how many battles they lost, with them going on and on about how they had terrible teams. How them losing games is NEVER their fault, it’s always the team. Guess what, pal. You know what the only constant was in all of those games? You. So no, if you have 20.000 games and a 45% winrate, your problem is not that you’ve had bad teams in 1000 games, your problem is that you threw 1000-1500 games.

While some of you might jump to argue that there are completely unwinnable matches, I’d like to remind you that there are completely unloseable matches as well.

You have games that go 15-1-2-3 and are over in 3 minutes, and you really can’t influence those. That’s fine. That’s why nobody has a 100% winrate, it’s a team game.

However, out of all those games, there are the games where you get to make a difference. The games that make the difference between a 45%, a 50%, a 55%, and a 60% player. That is where you make a difference.

Besides, let me introduce you to a little concept called variance. Believe it or not, it’s perfectly normal to have streaks of say, 10 games lost or won in a row. Why? Because we play thousands upon thousands of battles, and having streaks is bound to happen. It’s unlikely for them NOT to happen. And what happens with losses happens with victories as well, but the human mind is way better at remembering bad/frustrating/anger-inducing events than positive ones. You’ll always remember when you get unlucky, but never when you do get lucky.

So please, get yourselves together, play better, and carry the games you can carry. And try not to give a shit about whether you win or lose games, just try to do the best you can to carry, see what you did wrong – because trust me, you always screw up – and try to improve.

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