RDDT Recruitment….Just in time for Campaign

Tankers! Ready to find your forever diamond family? The Reddit family is here!

We are a community of social, clan wars and training clans. There are many Reddit clans to choose from, so find the one that fits best with your play style. Which clan is best for you? Come find us on Teamspeak or Discord if you are interested.

**Introducing the Reddit family!

RDDT: Competitive level Clan Wars RDTT2: Advances and Clan Wars RDDTV: Clan Wars, Call to Arms, and Tournaments RDDT6: Social,Training and Tournaments

RDDT. Home of the Business Crocs.

Focus: Tier 10 Clan Wars, Advances, Tournaments Bonuses: CTA, Strongholds, Tournaments, Campaign tanks, Clan Boosters, Gold Payouts, Bond Payouts, and Puns! Requirements: 2400 rWN8, 55% rWinrate, 4+ Meta Tier 10s with average damage > 2400 Expectations: Participate in clan activities 4+ days a week (see recruiter for details) Officers to contact: AMGPilot, _Rayman, Devil_Unleased, Articblazer, B_Trasher, Tactical_Ghost82

Here are some things we can bribe you with: A positive beacon & epitome of the competitive spirit of the game. Multiple credit boosters & training sessions whenever necessary. Bond & Gold payout based on activity. Extremely profitable and competitive tournament teams. Clan Nights with gold and tank prizes. Ample platooning opportunities.

RDTT2. Home of the Drunks.

Focus: Training Clan, T8 Strongholds, Advances, CW Bonuses: Training from Experienced Players and Callers Requirements: 1500 rWN8, 50% rWinrate, 2 Meta Tier 10s (or 1 Meta + 1 Situational) Expectations: Participate in clan activities 1+ day a week Officers to contact: Yasujiro, Zrayaz

Often imitated, never duplicated, the only correctly spelled RDTT clan is looking for a few more tankers to join us in our quest to bring drunkenness, death, and destruction upon those who oppose us. RDTT2 is the NEW competitive training clan of the family focused on strongholds, improving your play, and community culture. If you can’t quite meet the requirements of our more selective clans, but still want a clan in our family that plays high level strongholds, look no further.

RDDTV. Home of Treasury.

Focus: Casual Clan, SH, Tournaments, Call to Arms Bonuses: Training from Experienced Players and Callers Requirements: 1150+ rWN8, 49% rWinrate Expectations: Not be a Snowflake and have fun Officers to contact: SirSchmidt, F008, Wayvee

RDDT6. Home of the Oddballs.

Focus: Social Clan Bonuses: Platooning and clan credit boosters Requirements: about 1000 rWN8 Expectations: Be social – platoon with clan members, use discord or teamspeak to keep in touch Officers to contact: Herr_Mangat, ComancheCorps, FearUnited

RDDT6 is a social clan focused on platooning and playing special events. We like to play limited-time modes like Frontlines, Steel Hunter, and Brawl. We run about 40 hours of T10 credit and crew experience boosters weekly (mostly on Saturday-Sunday). If you’re looking for a friendly group of tankers willing to platoon then RDDT6 may be the right place for you.

Now, how do you get into this family by jumping on the RDDT family discord or Family teamspeak. Join us on TeamSpeak @ ts.rddtclans.com and Come find us on Discord: https://discord.gg/T3bZyyu

Community Night Bonus!

Community night means prizes, free prizes. We host both clan and family community nights. We run events including racing, demo derbies, bridge push, cliff jumping, battle boats, cat and mouse and many, many more. Winning games gives you the opportunity to win gold, premium time, and tanks.

Caller Training

Stronghold and Clan Wars clans are looking for players interested in becoming callers. If you want to dip your toes into the craziness that is calling, we’ll help you hone those skills by working with a seasoned caller running battles with you, and will give constructive feedback after games.

~Only Clan Wars, Tournaments and Wargames will give gold

~All requirements are for recent stats.

~Age requirement of 18+ for all clans. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis. While usage of strong language and bad manners is discouraged, it can, and does, happen from time to time on TS.

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