Reaching out to explore a potential upcomming clan competitive mode

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With Christmas lootboxes around the corner and WG slowly knocking onto your wallets, I wanted to hear some opinions, regarding upcoming competitive events (As I am all for learning, getting better and not sitting in progression stalemate). It’s been quite a few months since last clan event – Maneuvers, and according to all patterns, winter season of clan competitive games should be coming. So my question, to all of you clan games “nerds” is, which format do you expect WG to pull off now – old but not gold (IMO) 15v15 or new style Maneuvers 7v7 and please, give some explanation of pros and cons of certain modes. As in my opinion, Maneuvers was a superior choice playerbase wise, as people weren’t forced to invest whole evening just for a few games with 30 minute breaks over the games to earn a reward. Also, do we expect rewards to be craftable + no auction and only top 10% (or something) gets the reward tanks, or wargaming will try to sink bonds in auction once again?

Thank you for your attention and opinions!

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