Ready Rack implementation in the game.

Greetings, tankers.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, the Ready Rack(RR) in real life is a small ammo storage in a convenient location next to the gun that allows the loader to reload the gun at a much faster rate than average until it empties out.

You can see it here at the back of the turret of the M10 TD.

I think this system can be made into an interesting game mechanic that gives you a higher DPM for the first several shots, but, to keep it balanced, will probably require reducing the normal DPM of any vehicle where this mechnaic would be implemented.

For example: a tank that currently has a flat 2000 DPM will have it’s base DPM reduced to 1760 DPM (-12%), but when firing using it’s RR, it’s DPM will get a +25% bonus, raising it up to 2200 DPM, a +10% increase more than it has now.

The RR will starts reloading after a few seconds once the main gun has finished, and reloads at some fraction of normal reload speed. (Perhaps at 50% speed). It will be 2 – 5 shells large. Smaller for high alpha guns, and larger for small caliber/low alpha guns.

I think this mechanic will add a few more layers of strategy to the game, like an EBR baiting shots from enemy TDs in order to empty their RRs before other tanks can charge in.

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